Umwelt, 2018


Artist Statement

Hearing is the most universal of all the senses; why do we so often ignore it on a conscious level? How has hearing shaped our memory, judgment, and every day being without our full attention? In this interactive performance, “auditory viewers” will have the opportunity to choose their own adventure, as they explore the space through sound. Become an active listener as Dr. Prosody and her acoustheticians guide you in a harmonic happening.

Nichole Hamilton, Artist in Residence

This is the second show Nichole has created in the gallery, the first being Fluid in February of 2017. “When creating my own work, I want to provide a safe place to explore questions, inviting other artists and patrons to collaborate in efforts to awaken our curious and playful spirits.”

Nichole Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts at New Mexico State University although she spent the last decade falling in love with Gainesville. She earned an MFA in Acting from the University of Florida in 2011 and returned numerous times over the years, performing at the Hippodrome Theatre or serving as an adjunct instructor at UF. Nichole has also performed her one-woman show, Dame daDA & the Meta Show in Gainesville, as well as Minneapolis, New York, and the Burning Man Arts Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada.

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